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What's been going on...

I just started pointe this summer. However, my shoes didn't come in until class had been going on for like three weeks. I do alot of bar work, and can do a few things, borre, double opae, and single shinea turns are about as hard as it gets, across the floor. However, since my feet are so fat (I blame it on tumbling), my shoes had to be ordered extra wide and extra big, so I have trouble with blisters right now. I have three blisters and one of them won't stop bleeding, so now I have blood all over my shoe. Since my ribons were gay and ripped out, I had to re-sew them and now the elastic doesn't quite match on my heel. And to top everything off, the shanks of my shoes are EXTREMELY hard and refuse to break in, preventing me to fully get up on my toes. My advice to any beginners, don't get Bloch Serenades, and if you do, get soft shanks.

Thank you hyperprincess!

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