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What's been going on...

At recital this year we danced to Iris. It was a very pretty dance, but we all hated our costumes. Shelby Lake said we looked like pink cupcakes, while I thought they made us look pregnant. Our first costume was REALLY pretty, but it turned out way too short. You could see the briefs whenever we put our arms up, and when we went into releve, there was no way to keep it down. We had to send it back and we ended up with some really ugly cupcake outfit! Anyways, this dance seemed to go okay. There were a couple of girls whose dancing looks I don't know how to put it, they look like robots, really stiff and such. Oh, well, I forgot a little bit of the ending in the first show, and a turn in the second, but other than that, I think I did okay.


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