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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

My name is Deonna. I am sixteen years old, and have been dancing for fourteen years. In the last few years I have also become a power tumbling coach and this summer I will be taking a class to become fully certified!

The first studio I attended was Cindy's. I used to do tap, ballet, and tumbling. She went out of business when I was four and I switched studio's and went to Larye's School of Dance. I started in tap, then went to tumbling and double-mini. I fell in love with tumbling and when I was five and I quit tap. I then joined my studio's tumbling team. A few years later we decided to start competing in trampoline. When Layre died in 1999, the studio was left to her two daughters. They never really got along and the studio ended up splitting. In 2000, we held classes in a karate gym in the summer until we ended up renting a building. That is when I started jazz. In 2001, Unlimited Dance and Tumbling was built and we moved our studio again. That summer I started tap, but found it boring. So in the fall my tumbling coach and dance teacher (Resa and Seng) forced me to take ballet. In the summer of 2005, I began pointe, and, although it hurts, I love it. Next year I plan on taking tumbling, double-mini, trampoline, ballet, jazz, pointe, and possibly tap. If it is offered in the fall, I also plan on taking hip-hop.


Favorite Classes

My favorite classes are Trampoline, Tumbling, Hip-Hop, and Pointe.


Favorite Quotes

"Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit. Just tumble."

"If dance were any easier it would be called football."


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