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Dance Central
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Welcome to Dance Central!

Recital is HERE! December 17 at 1:00 p.m and 7:00 p.m. This is at the Grand Theater in Keokuk, Iowa and tickets are $5.00. This is a benefit Recital and all profits will be going to help the Grand Theater. I'm in both shows, but my main show is the 7:00 one. Everyone is invited to come watch. There is no reserved seating and tickets are first come first served. If you want to be sure to get a seat let me know and give me the money for your tickets, I can get them now.

However boring you may think dancing is, it actually isn't. Either is it safe. I have sprained an ankle and fallen many times, and if you've ever been to a real dance class you would know why.

I will be keeping track of all of our performances and classes here. You will also get to here of any dancing news or new injuries related to each class. And please don't forget to sign my guestbook on the Contact me page, enjoy!



What's New?

I started pointe recently and my shoes have been really hard to break in. I have three blisters that won't stop bleeding, so it's all over my shoes. Resa says that once my shoes get broke in, I'll be fine.

I also had to go to the chiropractor for my back because of how bad I messed it up. Turns out that my hips weren't aligned, my spine wasn't straight, and a muscle in my right leg was strained, but it's all getting much better!


Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

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